By Christian Noorbergen - May 2018


“And here is model rice rising majestically”


“Model Rice, shaking up the limits of the creation cat off the ropes of the indecent good taste. He can tame the unbelievable frankly and ventures in astonishing, high-risk areas with a not yet satisfied bitterness. His creative dazzling speed cutting off the vastness of his barbaric, inventive and tough creation, when the dark part roars to life. All we usually expect from art has disappeared between short life and crazy health, at the edge of the unthinkable....every work of art is nearly a collision a kind of mental miracle, enigmatic and prodigious when it is read an explosion that has been stopped, a shock. If sometimes, or rarely, there is a formal respect, with pictorial and graphic conventions it's for a better destruction from inside. The insidious reigns without any limits the crawling cruel insurgency consumes the cultural hearsay. Talisman of tasty incongruity”



(Text translated by Martine Fesert. May she be thanked for it !)




"Model Rice, le surgissant"


"Model Rice bouscule à vif les limites de sa création. Il a largué les amarres de l’obscène bon goût. Il apprivoise à cru l’impensable, et s’aventure en âpreté dans des zones à risques, sidérantes et inassouvies. Ses fulgurances créatrices sabrent l’étendue.


Création barbare, inventive, et scabreuse, quand la part sombre hurle à la vie. Les attendus de l’art ont disparu, entre vie brève et folle santé. Au bord de l’impensable.


Chaque œuvre est un télescopage arrêté, une sorte de miracle mental, à la lisibilité énigmatique et prodigieuse. Une déflagration arrêtée. Une secousse.


S’il y a parfois, rarement, respect formel des conventions picturales et graphiques, c’est pour mieux les torpiller de l’intérieur.


L’insidieux règne sans limite, et la sédition mentale est rampante, cruelle, et ravageuse du qu’en-dira-t-on culturel. Talisman d’incongruité savoureuse."


I'm a French artist born in 1969 in Toulouse. After having lived 10 years in Paris, I now live and work in Perpignan, in the south-west of the France. I enjoy practicing several artistic disciplines. What I look for in my work is honesty, freedom and variety. This is why I do not work by series. Most of the time, I start my work without clear ideas, only guided by the desire and the need. I stop when I know that I won't be upgrading the result. That is why my working time is highly variable. For me, creating is to experience defeat, but this is also a motivation to start a new artwork. I have no favorite subjects, but some themes or figures appear more regularly than others. I suppose I am like most of the artists, I feel a close link between my work and my subconscious. Maybe my visual approach would be more understandable if you checked out my photos and the example of one of my creative process on the video above. THANK YOU !